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Pineapple ramen of Machida "81 ban"

Today, I ate Machida 's funny thing after a long absence, so I will introduce it.

For those familiar with Machida, there is a shop in Nakamise shopping area familiar.

It is a ramen shop named 81ban.

The head shop is a pineapple ramen specialty shop named "papapapa pine". At the branch here, they usually make ramen which does not contain ordinary pineapple.

However, as the head shop was to relocate and temporarily closed the store, during that time, it seems that it was decided to have pineapple ramen at 81ban. (Every Wednesday only)

I knew such information with Twitter, so I decided to go eat.

Machida on Wednesday is a lot of shops that are absent, and the shops in Nakamise shopping district are also not doing more than 80%. While there were not many passengers, 81ban was operating while hanging out a hinata and pineapple ramen banner.

Although it is a meal ticket formula, ordinary pineapple ramen (you can choose soup from salt, soy sauce etc) is 750 yen, if you buy it by pushing it is OK. Chilled pineapple ramen is set at 800 yen, so if you buy ordinary pineapple ramen tickets and you give us plus cash 50 yen, you can make it.

It is less than 5 minutes to wait. Because there were not too many customers, we could offer it soon.


First, the appearance is beautiful! Clear soup in golden color, green vegetables, light pink meat. And yellow pineapple in the middle!

When I drink soup, I have a good soup stock, it is a rich taste for a cold soup. It is not too salty, but it feels a bit sour.

The noodles are slender and finished pretty rigidly, and throat gargles are nice. It makes me want to eat by making a sound.(It is a way to eat Japanese style to the last)

Pineapple has sweetness, but luxury feeling that aftertaste can not say anything! I say that there is a fragrance .... I imagined a more canned sweet pineapple. I'm sorry! This is delicious! It is!

Chashaw has a unique taste with a little hamy feeling. I like it.

So, it was cold, so I finished eating! I drank all the soup. (= '∀ `)

When asked to the clerk, "When is pineapple ramen done?", It is until the transfer of the head shop is decided, but someday, it is not clear. Until then, it seems to be done every Wednesday, so if you are interested, please check with the shop and visit. There is also an official account on Twitter, so it is necessary check.(@81banramen)

Finally, pineapple up.



Stay at the club floor of the Westin Hotel Tokyo

I have been to The Westin Tokyo for the first time in two years. I wanted to go suddenly shortly before, but, "I remembered that, I thought I went there two years ago," I thought, after confirming, it was just a day difference, it was exactly the same time I noticed! I was surprised by coincidence.

Well, staying used the free staying right of this year's SPG Amex continuing bonus, can I get this next year as well? A bit uneasy. I think that the SPG brand will be disappearing by merging with Marriott, so what happens to the card itself.

That's why it is free of charge, so no breakfast is served, so staying nervous. I missed having to come to the Westin to have breakfast, so I thought I'd eat for a fee, but when I remembered, I noticed that there was something called "Instant Award". It is a privilege unique to SPG members who can exchange SPG's points at the time of check-in. Certainly, breakfast should be able to be eaten with points.

Thinking that way, I found out that upgrading to the club floor is possible with 2500 points instead of breakfast. By the way, remembering that I used an instant award and upgraded to the club floor in Sheraton Tokyo Bay. (^ ^ ;; (I completely forgot it) I decided to ask on the phone the night before, some accurate necessary points as to whether it is possible.

When I asked it, I found that there was enough room in the room on the club floor, the necessary points were 2,500 as I checked in advance. The hotel side told me, "Should I take your upgrade now?", So I asked for it. That way, I can check in directly at the club lounge.

That day. The check-in schedule was 14 o'clock, but since I heard that it will rain from the afternoon, I thought that I wanted to arrive before it got down, checked in around noon and 40 o'clock in the afternoon. There was a lucky room to enter, so I went straight to the room after I had a drink.

The floor above the lounge, number 1822, was assigned. Ebisu Garden Place was in front of me, and I clearly said that view is not so good, but I did not care because it was a little taste of not seeing the scenery. (^ _ ^)


The light is modest and it was cloudy, so the interior is quite dark feeling even in the daytime.


There are several types of pillows. The closing pillow was convenient.


Vanity stands are helpful for women.


The desk is spacious and it seems to be convenient for business people.


Sofa and table set.


Television made by SONY. It was a type with a properly HDMI terminal, and I was able to connect the borrowed Blu - ray player. DVD players, of course, are attached from the beginning.


There is a coffee machine and you can drink freely.


The refrigerator was packed quite a bit. But since we can use the lounge, we have not received from here.


The bath is separate from the shower. It is slightly inconvenient.


There is a shower booth on the other side of the bathtub.




Unfortunately amenity is not L'Occitane, is not it? (^ ^ ;;


And it is a toilet in a corner of the bathroom, but it is partitioned but there is no door! When I was with them, I thought that it was inconvenient.

After shooting in the room, I returned to the lounge and tea time.

In this lounge, the type of soft drink is not good, but (if you order certainly there are also orange juice etc, but there are no hands.) This time the foods were more enriched than two years ago It is!


A cake that has sponge cake soaked in syrupy things. It is very sweet.


fruit punch. However, there was no deep dish that filled this, nobody took.


The left side is a cake. This is also sweet. The Danish kind on the right was wonderful and it was very tasty.


Muffins and so on. I do not have a hand, so I do not know how it tastes.


Something like fruit cake, chocolate etc.


And here's what I was happy about. It is a soup. (O ^^ o) It was a bouillon soup on this day, it was a light taste with vegetables. The next day was my favorite pumpkin potage. (The cake and soup seem to change daily)

Since it was such a lineup, I did not have to eat out especially for lunch, and my stomach was fully satisfied here.

The inside of the lounge was empty during GW, and the degree that the window side is half buried. It is comfortable.

After that, I went back to the room and appreciated Shin Godzilla 's Blu - ray that I brought.


In the evening, the cocktail time is from 17:30, but I moved to the station because I was planning to take with my friends at a pub in Ebisu. Originally, I did not expect cocktail time from experience two years ago, so I think that was correct. (^ ^ ;;

On my way home from the pub, the square next to the Gardensplace was so comfortable that I walked around with a cool wind blowing.


By the way, Joel Robuchon here, I thought my mother wanted to enter once. . . If it was a casual one, I wonder if I can go.


Returning to the hotel, I will return to the lounge again. For those who could not come cocktail time, there was only one alcohol service so ordering sparkling wine. In a quiet lounge where there is no one, I tilted a single glass and enjoyed the night view.

After returning to the room and taking a bath, I fell asleep as I fainted. I went to bed at the hotel soon after a long absence! It is!

The next morning, I get up and it is already 8 o'clock. I would like to have breakfast I'm looking forward slowly, change clothes in a hurry, to the "The Terrace" on the first floor. (Although breakfast can be taken in the lounge, there are more kinds of foods on the first floor by far the most)

Like the lounge, The Terrace was not too crowded, so I could show you around the window where I can enjoy the view of the garden.

It is like this that I got it.


I do not take cold meal, suddenly a hot meal. There is Chinese dim sum here. Shumai was delicious!


Bread and Danish, looking forward to it, bread pudding. Everything is delicious!


I also got plenty of fruits, but this taste did not match a bit.

In addition, Japanese food, noodle bar that you make on the spot, egg station etc.

Also, here are a lot of drinks, there are also kinds of juice, smoothies and squeezed fresh juice. Mandarin orange juice was sweet and tasty, I drank many cups by myself.

Because I ate plenty for about an hour, my stomach is full! It was unnecessary to have lunch on that day.

After breakfast, we took a walk in the courtyard and then returned to the room, and again we watched Shin Godzilla. While watching NG collections, I was laughing and laughing. (^ _ ^) When I noticed, I took a nap. (Lol)

Check-out was asked until 16 o'clock, but there was a message saying "Please return home early" from the house, check out at 14 o'clock. We bid farewell to Hotel Stay who enjoyed it. I am sorry at the hotel, but with free accommodation and points alone, I did not use any money at all. (^ ^ ;;

I like it, so I think I will come back to stay someday again ♪

I ate Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima.

I went to Hiroshima and enjoyed Okonomiyaki!

I stayed at the Sheraton Hiroshima near the Hiroshima station Shinkansen entrance, so first I went to Teppanyaki 's Benbei on the first floor of the same building as the hotel. There seems to be a spacious table seat, but since it was one person, I went to the counter on the left side. Men are baking Okonomiyaki in front of our eyes.

The menu is here.


I was at a loss which way to go, so I came all the way, so I ordered the "Benbei Special" at the top left! It seems that there are plenty of seafood and green onion is covered.

For the time being, I will absorb the throat with draft beer ♪


Puh, it's delicious-!

It is about 5 minutes to wait, Okonomiyaki came early.


Wow, the amount of great leek! You can see big shrimp, too.

When eating, buckwheat noodles are baked, it is a finished toothy. The seasoning was sweet and firm. Seafood is shrimp, squid. It also contains pork and contains a lot of ingredients. You will be full of stomach! (^. ^)

The table seats seemed to be separated by curtains and it was a good feeling. It may be better to come by 2 to 4 people than by one person.

I went outside looking for Okonomiyaki for lunch the next day, but I did not want to go too far and I searched in my neighborhood. It seems that the building on the opposite side of the main street leading from the second floor of the Sheraton seems to be a dining hall, so we went to a store called "Hiroshima No Kaze" there.

When entering, there are about four people in a table for four people. It is quite popular as customers are in there. I wonder if I can go through the counter? After thinking it was passed through a table for four people.

Even here, select the menu with recommended recommendation. It is "Grilled Negimayo". Like on yesterday it seems that green onions are sticking, and it seems to be roasted.

Here is what came out.


Certainly, it was burning with a burner! The onions are burning a little. Plenty of Mayosource.

When I try to eat a bite, the noodles are delicious, different from the others, and it is mochiri! Indeed, in the in-store poster it was written "There is particular attention to noodles." I see.

However, the seasoning is unexpectedly surprising. The taste is not as dark as the store of yesterday. It is a feeling that you can enjoy the taste of noodles themselves. Those who like dense seasoning may be unsatisfactory?

Both shops are soon from the Shinkansen exit, so it is recommended for those who are taking an inn around that. (^. ^)

Sheraton Hiroshima stay record

I stayed at Sheraton Hiroshima, so write it on my blog.

I stayed once before becoming an SPG member (it was definitely super cheap in Groupon), it is my first stay since becoming an SPG Amix holder. The accommodation expenses seemed to be overlapped with some society, and it was expensive as it was, but we decided to stay, because there was memories which was very good when we stayed at the previous time.

Since it was access from Hiroshima Airport, I will arrive at the bus terminal in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. It's about a minute's walk.

When I came for the first time, I did not know where to enter from, but I did it, but it's OK for the second time. (^. ^) From the entrance where the big signboard of the restaurant in the hotel is located, go up to the lobby floor (L floor) by the elevator on the right side. Then, there is a restaurant and a lobby lounge on the left, and if you pass through there and aim for the back, it is the front.

If it is not crowded, the front desk will find me immediately and will guide you to the counter.

This time, I was suppressing the deluxe twin (smoking) which had come out at the cheapest price with a single use, but since it should be upgraded with SPG gold treatment, it should be vacant on that rank There was hope in non-smoking room of king bed. (It is via SPG application)

I was wondering what would happen, at the reception, "I changed as you wish, I also upgraded the corner room", I was relieved! (^ O ^)

The room is on the 16th floor. It is room 1624 in the corner room. I will put a picture of the room.






It is relaxing to stay alone when staying alone. (^ - ^)


↑ Photo of entrance from bed side


↑ Closet


↑ Security box and ironing board


↑ Fridge and equipment such as glass.

The drink in this refrigerator is unexpectedly cheap price, soft drink is 216 yen. After all, I got it from the refrigerator regardless of convenience store.

Next around the water.


↑ Unfortunately, shampoo etc is not used up, it is equipped. With Mandarin & Mint, the smell was pretty good.

The shower was in the washroom and it was very convenient. (^. ^)


↑ Spreading bathtub. You can relax and soak. I could see the outside scenery from the window.


↑ Wash Basin. It's not that big.


↑ The bathrobe hit here. There was no pajamas and because it was a yukata, I slept with a bath robe when I went to bed. (Laugh) I'm not good at yukata ....


↑ Amenities. Body lotion is a single use type. There was also a mouth wash.


↑ The toilet has become a private room, but the door has a clearance and it is translucent. (^ ^ ;; It is hard to use if someone is in the bathroom or the washroom.

The introduction of the room is over ♪

I went to the live at night and I came back after 22 o'clock, so I took room service.

This hotel, ordinary meal is until 22 o'clock, after passing, it can only choose from the night menu (T. T) I really wanted to ask for seafood coconut curry, but I did not have a night menu and asked for unlimited fried noodles. It was a menu called "vegetable fried noodles," but I got chicken plus.


It was spicy, it was something to be eaten so much, but it would be more delicious if I would like to have an outside teppanyaki restaurant etc. (^ ^ ;; Failure ~.

Well, but when I am tired the room service is good. I can fall as it is!

I was at a loss what to do next morning, but it was a little troublesome to have it at buffet if I was alone, because I did not feel like eating so much, I asked for room service again! By 0 o'clock, it is OK if you put it on the door knob. (^ - ^) Eggs and meat do not feel like eating, so we made a continental breakfast which we can eat bread variously.

It got up at 8 in the morning. Wow, breakfast comes, my hair is shabby! Hurry and dress! (^ ◇ ^;)

After a while ping-pong rang and carried the breakfast set.


From the top left, fruit platter, Acai yogurt, butter and sugar, coffee, water and juice, jam, cornflakes, and bread. It is plenty. (^ O ^)


Bread is croissant (big!), English muffin (properly divided in two), Orange is riding Danish.

Everything is delicious ~! This was the correct answer! Breakfast is awesome to eat relaxing while watching TV.

After that, I watched TV, did it twitter, and watched "Shin Godzilla" with a smartphone and got relaxed. How I use this kind of time is right for me. (^ - ^)

I went out outside for lunch and got Okonomiyaki etc, but I returned to the room immediately and spent a bath. I checked out before 15 o'clock. (Late check-out of SPG Gold benefit)

The limousine bus bound for Hiroshima Airport was a feeling that it appeared every 15 minutes, but there were still a lot of people, it was packed full of crowd after all! It is approximately 45 minutes to the airport. It is quite a long trip. I mean, why is this far away Hiroshima Airport!

Finally I arrived at the airport and headed for the lounge I was looking forward to. The first thing I did was lounge for card members called Momiji Business Lounge. It goes through the counter in front of JAL and there is the entrance to the very end. The appearance is like a dubious club feeling.

As I entered, the unexpected and comfortable space was spreading. In the back of the right hand, a half-room sofa partitioned by walls. I searched for vacant seats thinking, 'This is OK!', But it was buried. Things to think are the same! (^ ^ ;;

I decided to sit on the seat on the left, but I also do not feel cramped because of the diagonal arrangement.

Drinks are soft drinks, coffee, no alcohol. If you want alcohol, let's go to the ANA lounge where you left the security inspection site. (Although it is limited to senior members, premium class, premium card holders etc ..)

I also wanted to enter the ANA lounge, so Momiji came out and went to the security inspection site. Restaurant okonomiyakiya "Mi-chan" is also hard to throw away, but I ate okonomiyaki at noon.

The ANA lounge is located on the right side of the security inspection site. This is wider than Momiji, but it is crowded in any case! Moreover, the placement of the chair is quackly, I feel cramped at all. I'm glad that I can drink alcohol, but I guess so. (^ ◇ ^;)

So, if you do not drink alcohol, it seems better to stay longer in Momiji. If you have more than a gold card you can enter, so the threshold is low.

That's it, Sheraton Hiroshima and Hiroshima Airport Lounge Repo!

Oh yeah, Sheraton Hiroshima, the reflection of Starpoint was very fast. It was attached on the night of the checkout day. I was surprised!

Hilton Odaiba, revisit!

I visited Hilton Odaiba again.

If you are looking at the official website, you are getting the price discount "limited offer" · · ·. (And executive room) It was 21000 yen (tax excluded). Last time I was alone, this time with my mum and two people. (^ - ^)

When I looked at "Ikkyu restaurant" thinking what to do for lunch, the restaurant in Hilton was cheap. I wanted to eat steak, so I decided to "Grillogy". Bread soup buffet + appetizer + main + coffee, it is 2400 yen (including tax).

Grillogy was in a place quite deep into the front.


When I wrote "I would like a seat with a good view," he prepared a seat on the window properly. (^ - ^) Thank you ♪

First of all, the buffet of bread and soup. The soup was cauliflower's potage and minestrone. There are about 4 kinds of bread. French bread must be cut by yourself. (^ ^; ;; (But this was the most delicious ~!)


My mother made the appetizer "grilled scallops and shiitake mushrooms". It seems that granulated pasta is spread underneath.


I was told that "I am recommended because it is seasonal" and I made it "cherry trout". Ikura is on board and it is a luxurious feeling. It was delicious when I put on the juice on the left side and eat it.


The main are both the most popular Australian sirloin 200 g. To be honest, it is pretty hard meat, but there is satisfaction like "I'm eating meat ~ ~ ~! (Laugh) It seems to be a frozen meat, but I wanted it to be close to rare a little bit more. (It seems that it was not asked, it was not heard) was about medium.



Now that became a full stomach, to the third floor of the lounge to the check-in. Scenery outside the window it is already beautiful! It is!


However, "Customer, I am sorry, it seems that 15 o'clock has passed since the room that I checked in online is available .... How can you do?” At this point, it is still 13 o'clock. It is too boring to spend more than two hours in the lounge. My mother asked "Where is the spa?", "Oh, the spa is on the 5th floor. Do you spend it there, usually it is charged, but since the check-in time is late, I'll give you a ticket and we will need a swimwear rental fee. " (^ O ^) Just because I was asking the follower "Spa is good" on Twitter, I was happily getting a ticket ♪

At the Hilton Odaiba spa "An Spa" there is a pool and a jacuzzi. If you receive a massage etc, you will be expensive, but if you can enter, you can put in a pool etc freely. I borrowed a swimwear with 1000 yen (excluding tax) and went to the pool at once!

Unfortunately, there are no images of pool or jacuzzi, but that was a fantastic view! The ceiling is also very expensive and has a feeling of opening. Besides, the jacuzzi is not only inside but also outdoors. This is like an Infinity Pool, which is the best. I feel Mini Marina Bay Sands. I was immersed for more than 30 minutes. (Lol)

My mother seemed to be having fun and she was satisfied very much by 25 meters swimming in the pool. I stayed up lying on the chair. It was two hours in the blink of an eye.

When I noticed it was 15 o'clock, so I changed my clothes and went to the lounge again. I got a cake etc. while preparing the key. (^ - ^) This mandarin orange is not ordinary mandarin but it was "Setoka"! It is sweet and very tasty.


Now that the key is ready, I went to the room this time. It is room 1526 before the elevator hall on the top floor 15th floor. My mother has a bad foot, so it was very helpful to me before the elevator.


View from the window of the room. From here you can see the Rainbow Bridge to the right. I am looking forward to the night.



Of course, I can make coffee and drink it. But, as I can drink in the lounge, I did not use it after all.


Bathroom. Bath towels and bathrobes are put in a drawer.


A convenient bathroom with a separate washing area. It is inconvenient if the shower booth and the bathtub are separated, but here is easy to use.


This green is in a corner of the entrance.


I also took a picture from the veranda of the room. You can see various ships.




After taking a bath or lying down, I went to the cocktail time lounge. I knew the fact of the shock here! Appetizers are almost small plate dishes ~! I admit that it is stiff, but lack volume. It is just an appetizer for dinner. It seems to be said that "Please eat at the restaurant". (^ ^; Well, that is the original figure, but (laugh)

Oh, it was delicious that it looks like a fish sauce in the middle.


Because I was not satisfied something, I went to a restaurant. It is "Togu" of Chinese food. After having an appetizer, so simple with noodles.

I am black sesame noodles.


My mother ordered soba with charshu.


Both of these noodles, the soup was burning badly, the texture of the noodles was not normal feeling, it seemed like eating in Singapore, a bit noisy noodle. I felt "?" When I expected Japanese-style ramen. Is the chef a foreigner?

Well, when you return to your room the night view is supposed to be wonderful.


If you look down on you, there are so many houseboats! Interesting ~ ~ ~.


The next morning, I have to get back from work early in the morning for work, so I will have breakfast at the lounge. Bottom of the left Nikuman, it was delicious.


Bread was also delicious! It was a moist texture.


Fruits are orange, grapefruit, strawberry, melon, pineapple. Vitamin supplement from morning ~.


I leave my mother and I am coming home by train at 7:30 in the morning. Ah, it is a waste. If true it would be possible until noon. I wanted to go back to the Jacuzzi one more time.

I enjoyed Odaiba Hilton! (^ - ^)

Lounge rice was saved by saving, but as it was a jacuzzi, I will come again ~ ~ ~!


French dinner at "argile" in Ginza

Last weekend I went to "argile", a sister store of "Ginza Esquisse" with three friends! I am at first. (^ _ ^)

When entering, it is darker lighting than Esquisse. It is the atmosphere of adults.

First of all, we enjoy champagne and amuse at the bar at the entrance of the shop. Champagne is here ♪


It is Perrier Jouet. (О '∀`о) It is delicious as expected.

Amuse is a cheese wrapped in ham.


I baked it in a biteful way!

And, as menu of dishes came out, I decide.


I am happy as long as the price is a bit easier than Esquisse. Moreover, I can try different kinds of flavors to ask for something different from my friends. (Strictly speaking, French do not share, but please forgive)

I decided to move to a restaurant in the middle.

When entering, two items of Amuse came out. Carrot mousse, consomme jelly and sea urchin.


It is hard to communicate when it is a picture, but cool jelly is good on the tongue! It fits a slightly sweet mousse and sea urchin. Bliss from the very beginning.

We also had white wine.


My favorite Riesling ~ ~! There is a slight bitterness type.

The third item was a fermented mushroom soup.


The taste of a rich mushroom. It is the best for people who like mushrooms.

I chose different appetizers for me and my friends. My friend is a prawn shrimp.


Prawns boldly shrimp luxuriously!

I chose the octopus' grill.


The green sauce is pungent and goes well with a fresh white octopus. It was said that Terrine of rice is under the octopus, but when you eat this, it is "Takomeshi"! It is fancy. (О '∀ `о)

While I was eating this, another friend came and joined. It is convenient for such flexibility to work.

Main dish, friends abalone.


The main dish of my friend who came last was Iberico pig.


My main dish was lamb mie cuit.


Back lips are wrapped around this lamb and it has become quite a delicious feast. Let's drink this red wine while having rare lamb and backfat.


This marriage is wonderful. (* ^^ *) It was a feeling that the smile spilled in spite of myself.

We had friends to share abalone and iberico pigs, and it became a very gorgeous dinner!

Because there was a considerable volume, we were talking "Do you want to drink only at the end?", But you carelessly saw the dessert menu. . .


 We can not stand it, we asked Sufure and Baba one by one, and we divided them by three people.





This "Baba", it was more delicious than what I had in Monaco's three stars "Le Louis XV" several years ago! Baba soaked in rum until its shape collapses is exactly the sweet of the adult. It was the best dessert to close off the night.

For a hot drink, ordered a double espresso.


Almond which was served a little was delicious again.

Esquisse's full course is also good, but sometimes such a free course is fun too. (О'∀`о) I want to come back again. Argile.

Thank you for the meal! (╹◡╹)

Spree eat seafood in the "Ginza Hanatare"!

Today is the report of "Ginza Hanatare" which is on the 11th floor of Tokyu Plaza in Ginza. (^. ^) It's easy to remember as it's a funny sound name.

(Hanatare is also used in the meaning that runny nose drips in Japanese)

What I entered Tokyu Plaza is for the first time! It is somewhat modern and glaring building, is not it?


On the 11th floor where Hanatare is located, there are many other meals, but everywhere is gorgeous.

It was a little earlier than the reservation time, but I managed to enter the store.

First of all, a toast of alcohol. It seems that the teahouse is running here, there were various kinds of tea class of shochu! So, those who accompany me ordered the tea break of shochu, I ordered Matcha for shochu.



It is not as drunk as it looks. It was rather delicious. It is good to have tea brewed in front of us!

Instead of Otoshi came out sea urchins and scallops wrapped in seaweed. To my surprise, scallops are used in the part of rice!


This is delicious! The scallops and the sea urchin are sweet and fused together on the tongue. Bliss! (О '∀ `о)

Next is the vegetable Bagna cauda.


Of course it is raw vegetables, but it has a good flavor. It is slightly sweet. When you attach it to the forefront Kanimiso sauce, it is exactly Japanese Banyakauda!

After that, it is sashimi. The first step is comparing the eating of Kinmedai!


Kinmedai in front is delicately changed in taste, such as passing through hot water and being in tandem with konbu. Both are very tasty! The back is octopus, firefly squid, oyster.

There was also the second sashimi!


Beginning with an oversized button shrimp, Milk Shell, Squid, Tuna, Sawara, Flounder. Everything is good, but after all shrimp is the best!

At this time, the first cup of alcohol was gone, so the second cup is "Matcha draft beer".


I thought that it was the last dish soon, and there was still much! First, sea oden.


Kaname Taiya's Head, Tuna's Skewers, Tofu Souped and Egg. It has a bit taste, but I think that "Edokko" style is fine.

Oyster fried plenty of tartar sauce!


I said "I am hot! It's hot!" I ate it. I got burned out of my tongue, but it was a fresh start.

And at the end is Kinmedai and Buri the shabu shabu!




Really go through hot water and put a citron pepper a little. While being refreshed, it is tasty. Both Kinmedai and Buri are cool!

After enjoying the vegetables, the staff cooked rice cooked.


Egg is plenty melting and gentle taste. delicious! It is! I am satisfied, thank you for the meal!



Gateau chocolat and green tea cake, brown rice tea is over. I was able to enjoy the feast of Japanese, it was really good! It is!