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Spree eat seafood in the "Ginza Hanatare"!

Today is the report of "Ginza Hanatare" which is on the 11th floor of Tokyu Plaza in Ginza. (^. ^) It's easy to remember as it's a funny sound name.

(Hanatare is also used in the meaning that runny nose drips in Japanese)

What I entered Tokyu Plaza is for the first time! It is somewhat modern and glaring building, is not it?


On the 11th floor where Hanatare is located, there are many other meals, but everywhere is gorgeous.

It was a little earlier than the reservation time, but I managed to enter the store.

First of all, a toast of alcohol. It seems that the teahouse is running here, there were various kinds of tea class of shochu! So, those who accompany me ordered the tea break of shochu, I ordered Matcha for shochu.



It is not as drunk as it looks. It was rather delicious. It is good to have tea brewed in front of us!

Instead of Otoshi came out sea urchins and scallops wrapped in seaweed. To my surprise, scallops are used in the part of rice!


This is delicious! The scallops and the sea urchin are sweet and fused together on the tongue. Bliss! (О '∀ `о)

Next is the vegetable Bagna cauda.


Of course it is raw vegetables, but it has a good flavor. It is slightly sweet. When you attach it to the forefront Kanimiso sauce, it is exactly Japanese Banyakauda!

After that, it is sashimi. The first step is comparing the eating of Kinmedai!


Kinmedai in front is delicately changed in taste, such as passing through hot water and being in tandem with konbu. Both are very tasty! The back is octopus, firefly squid, oyster.

There was also the second sashimi!


Beginning with an oversized button shrimp, Milk Shell, Squid, Tuna, Sawara, Flounder. Everything is good, but after all shrimp is the best!

At this time, the first cup of alcohol was gone, so the second cup is "Matcha draft beer".


I thought that it was the last dish soon, and there was still much! First, sea oden.


Kaname Taiya's Head, Tuna's Skewers, Tofu Souped and Egg. It has a bit taste, but I think that "Edokko" style is fine.

Oyster fried plenty of tartar sauce!


I said "I am hot! It's hot!" I ate it. I got burned out of my tongue, but it was a fresh start.

And at the end is Kinmedai and Buri the shabu shabu!




Really go through hot water and put a citron pepper a little. While being refreshed, it is tasty. Both Kinmedai and Buri are cool!

After enjoying the vegetables, the staff cooked rice cooked.


Egg is plenty melting and gentle taste. delicious! It is! I am satisfied, thank you for the meal!



Gateau chocolat and green tea cake, brown rice tea is over. I was able to enjoy the feast of Japanese, it was really good! It is!