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French dinner at "argile" in Ginza

Last weekend I went to "argile", a sister store of "Ginza Esquisse" with three friends! I am at first. (^ _ ^)

When entering, it is darker lighting than Esquisse. It is the atmosphere of adults.

First of all, we enjoy champagne and amuse at the bar at the entrance of the shop. Champagne is here ♪


It is Perrier Jouet. (О '∀`о) It is delicious as expected.

Amuse is a cheese wrapped in ham.


I baked it in a biteful way!

And, as menu of dishes came out, I decide.


I am happy as long as the price is a bit easier than Esquisse. Moreover, I can try different kinds of flavors to ask for something different from my friends. (Strictly speaking, French do not share, but please forgive)

I decided to move to a restaurant in the middle.

When entering, two items of Amuse came out. Carrot mousse, consomme jelly and sea urchin.


It is hard to communicate when it is a picture, but cool jelly is good on the tongue! It fits a slightly sweet mousse and sea urchin. Bliss from the very beginning.

We also had white wine.


My favorite Riesling ~ ~! There is a slight bitterness type.

The third item was a fermented mushroom soup.


The taste of a rich mushroom. It is the best for people who like mushrooms.

I chose different appetizers for me and my friends. My friend is a prawn shrimp.


Prawns boldly shrimp luxuriously!

I chose the octopus' grill.


The green sauce is pungent and goes well with a fresh white octopus. It was said that Terrine of rice is under the octopus, but when you eat this, it is "Takomeshi"! It is fancy. (О '∀ `о)

While I was eating this, another friend came and joined. It is convenient for such flexibility to work.

Main dish, friends abalone.


The main dish of my friend who came last was Iberico pig.


My main dish was lamb mie cuit.


Back lips are wrapped around this lamb and it has become quite a delicious feast. Let's drink this red wine while having rare lamb and backfat.


This marriage is wonderful. (* ^^ *) It was a feeling that the smile spilled in spite of myself.

We had friends to share abalone and iberico pigs, and it became a very gorgeous dinner!

Because there was a considerable volume, we were talking "Do you want to drink only at the end?", But you carelessly saw the dessert menu. . .


 We can not stand it, we asked Sufure and Baba one by one, and we divided them by three people.





This "Baba", it was more delicious than what I had in Monaco's three stars "Le Louis XV" several years ago! Baba soaked in rum until its shape collapses is exactly the sweet of the adult. It was the best dessert to close off the night.

For a hot drink, ordered a double espresso.


Almond which was served a little was delicious again.

Esquisse's full course is also good, but sometimes such a free course is fun too. (О'∀`о) I want to come back again. Argile.

Thank you for the meal! (╹◡╹)