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Hilton Odaiba, revisit!

I visited Hilton Odaiba again.

If you are looking at the official website, you are getting the price discount "limited offer" · · ·. (And executive room) It was 21000 yen (tax excluded). Last time I was alone, this time with my mum and two people. (^ - ^)

When I looked at "Ikkyu restaurant" thinking what to do for lunch, the restaurant in Hilton was cheap. I wanted to eat steak, so I decided to "Grillogy". Bread soup buffet + appetizer + main + coffee, it is 2400 yen (including tax).

Grillogy was in a place quite deep into the front.


When I wrote "I would like a seat with a good view," he prepared a seat on the window properly. (^ - ^) Thank you ♪

First of all, the buffet of bread and soup. The soup was cauliflower's potage and minestrone. There are about 4 kinds of bread. French bread must be cut by yourself. (^ ^; ;; (But this was the most delicious ~!)


My mother made the appetizer "grilled scallops and shiitake mushrooms". It seems that granulated pasta is spread underneath.


I was told that "I am recommended because it is seasonal" and I made it "cherry trout". Ikura is on board and it is a luxurious feeling. It was delicious when I put on the juice on the left side and eat it.


The main are both the most popular Australian sirloin 200 g. To be honest, it is pretty hard meat, but there is satisfaction like "I'm eating meat ~ ~ ~! (Laugh) It seems to be a frozen meat, but I wanted it to be close to rare a little bit more. (It seems that it was not asked, it was not heard) was about medium.



Now that became a full stomach, to the third floor of the lounge to the check-in. Scenery outside the window it is already beautiful! It is!


However, "Customer, I am sorry, it seems that 15 o'clock has passed since the room that I checked in online is available .... How can you do?” At this point, it is still 13 o'clock. It is too boring to spend more than two hours in the lounge. My mother asked "Where is the spa?", "Oh, the spa is on the 5th floor. Do you spend it there, usually it is charged, but since the check-in time is late, I'll give you a ticket and we will need a swimwear rental fee. " (^ O ^) Just because I was asking the follower "Spa is good" on Twitter, I was happily getting a ticket ♪

At the Hilton Odaiba spa "An Spa" there is a pool and a jacuzzi. If you receive a massage etc, you will be expensive, but if you can enter, you can put in a pool etc freely. I borrowed a swimwear with 1000 yen (excluding tax) and went to the pool at once!

Unfortunately, there are no images of pool or jacuzzi, but that was a fantastic view! The ceiling is also very expensive and has a feeling of opening. Besides, the jacuzzi is not only inside but also outdoors. This is like an Infinity Pool, which is the best. I feel Mini Marina Bay Sands. I was immersed for more than 30 minutes. (Lol)

My mother seemed to be having fun and she was satisfied very much by 25 meters swimming in the pool. I stayed up lying on the chair. It was two hours in the blink of an eye.

When I noticed it was 15 o'clock, so I changed my clothes and went to the lounge again. I got a cake etc. while preparing the key. (^ - ^) This mandarin orange is not ordinary mandarin but it was "Setoka"! It is sweet and very tasty.


Now that the key is ready, I went to the room this time. It is room 1526 before the elevator hall on the top floor 15th floor. My mother has a bad foot, so it was very helpful to me before the elevator.


View from the window of the room. From here you can see the Rainbow Bridge to the right. I am looking forward to the night.



Of course, I can make coffee and drink it. But, as I can drink in the lounge, I did not use it after all.


Bathroom. Bath towels and bathrobes are put in a drawer.


A convenient bathroom with a separate washing area. It is inconvenient if the shower booth and the bathtub are separated, but here is easy to use.


This green is in a corner of the entrance.


I also took a picture from the veranda of the room. You can see various ships.




After taking a bath or lying down, I went to the cocktail time lounge. I knew the fact of the shock here! Appetizers are almost small plate dishes ~! I admit that it is stiff, but lack volume. It is just an appetizer for dinner. It seems to be said that "Please eat at the restaurant". (^ ^; Well, that is the original figure, but (laugh)

Oh, it was delicious that it looks like a fish sauce in the middle.


Because I was not satisfied something, I went to a restaurant. It is "Togu" of Chinese food. After having an appetizer, so simple with noodles.

I am black sesame noodles.


My mother ordered soba with charshu.


Both of these noodles, the soup was burning badly, the texture of the noodles was not normal feeling, it seemed like eating in Singapore, a bit noisy noodle. I felt "?" When I expected Japanese-style ramen. Is the chef a foreigner?

Well, when you return to your room the night view is supposed to be wonderful.


If you look down on you, there are so many houseboats! Interesting ~ ~ ~.


The next morning, I have to get back from work early in the morning for work, so I will have breakfast at the lounge. Bottom of the left Nikuman, it was delicious.


Bread was also delicious! It was a moist texture.


Fruits are orange, grapefruit, strawberry, melon, pineapple. Vitamin supplement from morning ~.


I leave my mother and I am coming home by train at 7:30 in the morning. Ah, it is a waste. If true it would be possible until noon. I wanted to go back to the Jacuzzi one more time.

I enjoyed Odaiba Hilton! (^ - ^)

Lounge rice was saved by saving, but as it was a jacuzzi, I will come again ~ ~ ~!