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Sheraton Hiroshima stay record

I stayed at Sheraton Hiroshima, so write it on my blog.

I stayed once before becoming an SPG member (it was definitely super cheap in Groupon), it is my first stay since becoming an SPG Amix holder. The accommodation expenses seemed to be overlapped with some society, and it was expensive as it was, but we decided to stay, because there was memories which was very good when we stayed at the previous time.

Since it was access from Hiroshima Airport, I will arrive at the bus terminal in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. It's about a minute's walk.

When I came for the first time, I did not know where to enter from, but I did it, but it's OK for the second time. (^. ^) From the entrance where the big signboard of the restaurant in the hotel is located, go up to the lobby floor (L floor) by the elevator on the right side. Then, there is a restaurant and a lobby lounge on the left, and if you pass through there and aim for the back, it is the front.

If it is not crowded, the front desk will find me immediately and will guide you to the counter.

This time, I was suppressing the deluxe twin (smoking) which had come out at the cheapest price with a single use, but since it should be upgraded with SPG gold treatment, it should be vacant on that rank There was hope in non-smoking room of king bed. (It is via SPG application)

I was wondering what would happen, at the reception, "I changed as you wish, I also upgraded the corner room", I was relieved! (^ O ^)

The room is on the 16th floor. It is room 1624 in the corner room. I will put a picture of the room.






It is relaxing to stay alone when staying alone. (^ - ^)


↑ Photo of entrance from bed side


↑ Closet


↑ Security box and ironing board


↑ Fridge and equipment such as glass.

The drink in this refrigerator is unexpectedly cheap price, soft drink is 216 yen. After all, I got it from the refrigerator regardless of convenience store.

Next around the water.


↑ Unfortunately, shampoo etc is not used up, it is equipped. With Mandarin & Mint, the smell was pretty good.

The shower was in the washroom and it was very convenient. (^. ^)


↑ Spreading bathtub. You can relax and soak. I could see the outside scenery from the window.


↑ Wash Basin. It's not that big.


↑ The bathrobe hit here. There was no pajamas and because it was a yukata, I slept with a bath robe when I went to bed. (Laugh) I'm not good at yukata ....


↑ Amenities. Body lotion is a single use type. There was also a mouth wash.


↑ The toilet has become a private room, but the door has a clearance and it is translucent. (^ ^ ;; It is hard to use if someone is in the bathroom or the washroom.

The introduction of the room is over ♪

I went to the live at night and I came back after 22 o'clock, so I took room service.

This hotel, ordinary meal is until 22 o'clock, after passing, it can only choose from the night menu (T. T) I really wanted to ask for seafood coconut curry, but I did not have a night menu and asked for unlimited fried noodles. It was a menu called "vegetable fried noodles," but I got chicken plus.


It was spicy, it was something to be eaten so much, but it would be more delicious if I would like to have an outside teppanyaki restaurant etc. (^ ^ ;; Failure ~.

Well, but when I am tired the room service is good. I can fall as it is!

I was at a loss what to do next morning, but it was a little troublesome to have it at buffet if I was alone, because I did not feel like eating so much, I asked for room service again! By 0 o'clock, it is OK if you put it on the door knob. (^ - ^) Eggs and meat do not feel like eating, so we made a continental breakfast which we can eat bread variously.

It got up at 8 in the morning. Wow, breakfast comes, my hair is shabby! Hurry and dress! (^ ◇ ^;)

After a while ping-pong rang and carried the breakfast set.


From the top left, fruit platter, Acai yogurt, butter and sugar, coffee, water and juice, jam, cornflakes, and bread. It is plenty. (^ O ^)


Bread is croissant (big!), English muffin (properly divided in two), Orange is riding Danish.

Everything is delicious ~! This was the correct answer! Breakfast is awesome to eat relaxing while watching TV.

After that, I watched TV, did it twitter, and watched "Shin Godzilla" with a smartphone and got relaxed. How I use this kind of time is right for me. (^ - ^)

I went out outside for lunch and got Okonomiyaki etc, but I returned to the room immediately and spent a bath. I checked out before 15 o'clock. (Late check-out of SPG Gold benefit)

The limousine bus bound for Hiroshima Airport was a feeling that it appeared every 15 minutes, but there were still a lot of people, it was packed full of crowd after all! It is approximately 45 minutes to the airport. It is quite a long trip. I mean, why is this far away Hiroshima Airport!

Finally I arrived at the airport and headed for the lounge I was looking forward to. The first thing I did was lounge for card members called Momiji Business Lounge. It goes through the counter in front of JAL and there is the entrance to the very end. The appearance is like a dubious club feeling.

As I entered, the unexpected and comfortable space was spreading. In the back of the right hand, a half-room sofa partitioned by walls. I searched for vacant seats thinking, 'This is OK!', But it was buried. Things to think are the same! (^ ^ ;;

I decided to sit on the seat on the left, but I also do not feel cramped because of the diagonal arrangement.

Drinks are soft drinks, coffee, no alcohol. If you want alcohol, let's go to the ANA lounge where you left the security inspection site. (Although it is limited to senior members, premium class, premium card holders etc ..)

I also wanted to enter the ANA lounge, so Momiji came out and went to the security inspection site. Restaurant okonomiyakiya "Mi-chan" is also hard to throw away, but I ate okonomiyaki at noon.

The ANA lounge is located on the right side of the security inspection site. This is wider than Momiji, but it is crowded in any case! Moreover, the placement of the chair is quackly, I feel cramped at all. I'm glad that I can drink alcohol, but I guess so. (^ ◇ ^;)

So, if you do not drink alcohol, it seems better to stay longer in Momiji. If you have more than a gold card you can enter, so the threshold is low.

That's it, Sheraton Hiroshima and Hiroshima Airport Lounge Repo!

Oh yeah, Sheraton Hiroshima, the reflection of Starpoint was very fast. It was attached on the night of the checkout day. I was surprised!