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I ate Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima.

I went to Hiroshima and enjoyed Okonomiyaki!

I stayed at the Sheraton Hiroshima near the Hiroshima station Shinkansen entrance, so first I went to Teppanyaki 's Benbei on the first floor of the same building as the hotel. There seems to be a spacious table seat, but since it was one person, I went to the counter on the left side. Men are baking Okonomiyaki in front of our eyes.

The menu is here.


I was at a loss which way to go, so I came all the way, so I ordered the "Benbei Special" at the top left! It seems that there are plenty of seafood and green onion is covered.

For the time being, I will absorb the throat with draft beer ♪


Puh, it's delicious-!

It is about 5 minutes to wait, Okonomiyaki came early.


Wow, the amount of great leek! You can see big shrimp, too.

When eating, buckwheat noodles are baked, it is a finished toothy. The seasoning was sweet and firm. Seafood is shrimp, squid. It also contains pork and contains a lot of ingredients. You will be full of stomach! (^. ^)

The table seats seemed to be separated by curtains and it was a good feeling. It may be better to come by 2 to 4 people than by one person.

I went outside looking for Okonomiyaki for lunch the next day, but I did not want to go too far and I searched in my neighborhood. It seems that the building on the opposite side of the main street leading from the second floor of the Sheraton seems to be a dining hall, so we went to a store called "Hiroshima No Kaze" there.

When entering, there are about four people in a table for four people. It is quite popular as customers are in there. I wonder if I can go through the counter? After thinking it was passed through a table for four people.

Even here, select the menu with recommended recommendation. It is "Grilled Negimayo". Like on yesterday it seems that green onions are sticking, and it seems to be roasted.

Here is what came out.


Certainly, it was burning with a burner! The onions are burning a little. Plenty of Mayosource.

When I try to eat a bite, the noodles are delicious, different from the others, and it is mochiri! Indeed, in the in-store poster it was written "There is particular attention to noodles." I see.

However, the seasoning is unexpectedly surprising. The taste is not as dark as the store of yesterday. It is a feeling that you can enjoy the taste of noodles themselves. Those who like dense seasoning may be unsatisfactory?

Both shops are soon from the Shinkansen exit, so it is recommended for those who are taking an inn around that. (^. ^)