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Stay at the club floor of the Westin Hotel Tokyo

I have been to The Westin Tokyo for the first time in two years. I wanted to go suddenly shortly before, but, "I remembered that, I thought I went there two years ago," I thought, after confirming, it was just a day difference, it was exactly the same time I noticed! I was surprised by coincidence.

Well, staying used the free staying right of this year's SPG Amex continuing bonus, can I get this next year as well? A bit uneasy. I think that the SPG brand will be disappearing by merging with Marriott, so what happens to the card itself.

That's why it is free of charge, so no breakfast is served, so staying nervous. I missed having to come to the Westin to have breakfast, so I thought I'd eat for a fee, but when I remembered, I noticed that there was something called "Instant Award". It is a privilege unique to SPG members who can exchange SPG's points at the time of check-in. Certainly, breakfast should be able to be eaten with points.

Thinking that way, I found out that upgrading to the club floor is possible with 2500 points instead of breakfast. By the way, remembering that I used an instant award and upgraded to the club floor in Sheraton Tokyo Bay. (^ ^ ;; (I completely forgot it) I decided to ask on the phone the night before, some accurate necessary points as to whether it is possible.

When I asked it, I found that there was enough room in the room on the club floor, the necessary points were 2,500 as I checked in advance. The hotel side told me, "Should I take your upgrade now?", So I asked for it. That way, I can check in directly at the club lounge.

That day. The check-in schedule was 14 o'clock, but since I heard that it will rain from the afternoon, I thought that I wanted to arrive before it got down, checked in around noon and 40 o'clock in the afternoon. There was a lucky room to enter, so I went straight to the room after I had a drink.

The floor above the lounge, number 1822, was assigned. Ebisu Garden Place was in front of me, and I clearly said that view is not so good, but I did not care because it was a little taste of not seeing the scenery. (^ _ ^)


The light is modest and it was cloudy, so the interior is quite dark feeling even in the daytime.


There are several types of pillows. The closing pillow was convenient.


Vanity stands are helpful for women.


The desk is spacious and it seems to be convenient for business people.


Sofa and table set.


Television made by SONY. It was a type with a properly HDMI terminal, and I was able to connect the borrowed Blu - ray player. DVD players, of course, are attached from the beginning.


There is a coffee machine and you can drink freely.


The refrigerator was packed quite a bit. But since we can use the lounge, we have not received from here.


The bath is separate from the shower. It is slightly inconvenient.


There is a shower booth on the other side of the bathtub.




Unfortunately amenity is not L'Occitane, is not it? (^ ^ ;;


And it is a toilet in a corner of the bathroom, but it is partitioned but there is no door! When I was with them, I thought that it was inconvenient.

After shooting in the room, I returned to the lounge and tea time.

In this lounge, the type of soft drink is not good, but (if you order certainly there are also orange juice etc, but there are no hands.) This time the foods were more enriched than two years ago It is!


A cake that has sponge cake soaked in syrupy things. It is very sweet.


fruit punch. However, there was no deep dish that filled this, nobody took.


The left side is a cake. This is also sweet. The Danish kind on the right was wonderful and it was very tasty.


Muffins and so on. I do not have a hand, so I do not know how it tastes.


Something like fruit cake, chocolate etc.


And here's what I was happy about. It is a soup. (O ^^ o) It was a bouillon soup on this day, it was a light taste with vegetables. The next day was my favorite pumpkin potage. (The cake and soup seem to change daily)

Since it was such a lineup, I did not have to eat out especially for lunch, and my stomach was fully satisfied here.

The inside of the lounge was empty during GW, and the degree that the window side is half buried. It is comfortable.

After that, I went back to the room and appreciated Shin Godzilla 's Blu - ray that I brought.


In the evening, the cocktail time is from 17:30, but I moved to the station because I was planning to take with my friends at a pub in Ebisu. Originally, I did not expect cocktail time from experience two years ago, so I think that was correct. (^ ^ ;;

On my way home from the pub, the square next to the Gardensplace was so comfortable that I walked around with a cool wind blowing.


By the way, Joel Robuchon here, I thought my mother wanted to enter once. . . If it was a casual one, I wonder if I can go.


Returning to the hotel, I will return to the lounge again. For those who could not come cocktail time, there was only one alcohol service so ordering sparkling wine. In a quiet lounge where there is no one, I tilted a single glass and enjoyed the night view.

After returning to the room and taking a bath, I fell asleep as I fainted. I went to bed at the hotel soon after a long absence! It is!

The next morning, I get up and it is already 8 o'clock. I would like to have breakfast I'm looking forward slowly, change clothes in a hurry, to the "The Terrace" on the first floor. (Although breakfast can be taken in the lounge, there are more kinds of foods on the first floor by far the most)

Like the lounge, The Terrace was not too crowded, so I could show you around the window where I can enjoy the view of the garden.

It is like this that I got it.


I do not take cold meal, suddenly a hot meal. There is Chinese dim sum here. Shumai was delicious!


Bread and Danish, looking forward to it, bread pudding. Everything is delicious!


I also got plenty of fruits, but this taste did not match a bit.

In addition, Japanese food, noodle bar that you make on the spot, egg station etc.

Also, here are a lot of drinks, there are also kinds of juice, smoothies and squeezed fresh juice. Mandarin orange juice was sweet and tasty, I drank many cups by myself.

Because I ate plenty for about an hour, my stomach is full! It was unnecessary to have lunch on that day.

After breakfast, we took a walk in the courtyard and then returned to the room, and again we watched Shin Godzilla. While watching NG collections, I was laughing and laughing. (^ _ ^) When I noticed, I took a nap. (Lol)

Check-out was asked until 16 o'clock, but there was a message saying "Please return home early" from the house, check out at 14 o'clock. We bid farewell to Hotel Stay who enjoyed it. I am sorry at the hotel, but with free accommodation and points alone, I did not use any money at all. (^ ^ ;;

I like it, so I think I will come back to stay someday again ♪