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Pineapple ramen of Machida "81 ban"

Today, I ate Machida 's funny thing after a long absence, so I will introduce it.

For those familiar with Machida, there is a shop in Nakamise shopping area familiar.

It is a ramen shop named 81ban.

The head shop is a pineapple ramen specialty shop named "papapapa pine". At the branch here, they usually make ramen which does not contain ordinary pineapple.

However, as the head shop was to relocate and temporarily closed the store, during that time, it seems that it was decided to have pineapple ramen at 81ban. (Every Wednesday only)

I knew such information with Twitter, so I decided to go eat.

Machida on Wednesday is a lot of shops that are absent, and the shops in Nakamise shopping district are also not doing more than 80%. While there were not many passengers, 81ban was operating while hanging out a hinata and pineapple ramen banner.

Although it is a meal ticket formula, ordinary pineapple ramen (you can choose soup from salt, soy sauce etc) is 750 yen, if you buy it by pushing it is OK. Chilled pineapple ramen is set at 800 yen, so if you buy ordinary pineapple ramen tickets and you give us plus cash 50 yen, you can make it.

It is less than 5 minutes to wait. Because there were not too many customers, we could offer it soon.


First, the appearance is beautiful! Clear soup in golden color, green vegetables, light pink meat. And yellow pineapple in the middle!

When I drink soup, I have a good soup stock, it is a rich taste for a cold soup. It is not too salty, but it feels a bit sour.

The noodles are slender and finished pretty rigidly, and throat gargles are nice. It makes me want to eat by making a sound.(It is a way to eat Japanese style to the last)

Pineapple has sweetness, but luxury feeling that aftertaste can not say anything! I say that there is a fragrance .... I imagined a more canned sweet pineapple. I'm sorry! This is delicious! It is!

Chashaw has a unique taste with a little hamy feeling. I like it.

So, it was cold, so I finished eating! I drank all the soup. (= '∀ `)

When asked to the clerk, "When is pineapple ramen done?", It is until the transfer of the head shop is decided, but someday, it is not clear. Until then, it seems to be done every Wednesday, so if you are interested, please check with the shop and visit. There is also an official account on Twitter, so it is necessary check.(@81banramen)

Finally, pineapple up.